The Story of Steve & Dovie’s Modern Home Renovation

in Manasquan, NJ we weather many a storm

Transformation to Modern Beach Home

by Brendan McHugh

McHugh Architecture, LLC

Here in Manasquan, NJ, we weather many a storm. My friends Steve and Dovie live down the road from me and their kids go to school with my kids. As we got to know each other through the years, they would often say,

‘Someday we want to renovate this house, we’re just not ready yet.’

When Hurricane Sandy hit on October 29, 2012. Steve and Dovie had 3 feet of water in their house. Sand and water had washed out their whole first floor. The Jersey Shore coastline was devastated and people were in shock in the aftermath of the storm, struggling to comprehend what happened to their homes and lives. All of the towns that were hit by the storm were coming together as communities helping each other recover and rebuild. The first priorities were to get cleaned up, get the utilities re-established and create a path back to a lively community.

Steve and Dovie had moved in with their family up north and were commuting back and forth to clean up, get the kids to school and assess how to put their life back together. That very first week, though, Steve came to me and said,

‘I need to get moving on this. I need to get my family back in their home.’

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