When the Client is Always Right: Experiencing virtual reality for your dream home

by Peter Twohy

2e Architects

Ten years ago when I was pioneering offering unlimited 3D drawings for all my clients, I would have laughed out loud about the possibility of also offering virtual reality tours of the homes I was designing. Today, Virtual Reality is a reality and it is transforming home design.

Clients are no longer confused by the drawings; instead they feel very confident. Confident that they are making informed decisions and making the right choices for their dream home. Using virtual reality gives the architect and client the tools to understand one another. Put those goggles on, and suddenly you get to completely see your future home months before we break ground.

Instead of being left to try and interpret the drawings, clients are now offering ideas and suggestions for changes that will enhance their enjoyment of their home. Changes at this point are far easier to make versus once we are in construction. Anyone who’s built a house knows change orders are costly and no fun for anybody involved.

Some industry experts estimate that change orders can eat up 10-20% of your budget. From a financial standpoint, using this technology reduces, and can sometimes eliminate all change orders.

In addition to being able to see the home, one of the most unexpected benefits to me has been giving clients the ability to feel to what the house will be like. Letting them look up, down, sideways and truly experience their space. Once you put on the virtual reality goggles, you can see in the span of 10 seconds, a pan across the room from sunup to sunset.

You have the opportunity to see the space at different points of the day from first morning light, to the evening sunset, to lights off in the morning and on at night. You can envision your life in the space. Think about your morning routine. Imagine sitting in your favorite chair reading a book. Visualize taking a needed break to look outside the window onto your property and experience the serenity.

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