When A House Is Like A Car & Answers To Other Frequently Asked Questions

by Tanya Shively
Sesshu Design Associates, Ltd.

A chance comment lately made me realize that some of what we take for granted about high-quality home design, especially eco-friendly features, can be daunting for those just starting on that path. Because I want to raise awareness, I’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions below.

Isn’t eco-friendly design expensive?

Let’s think about your car for a minute. Upfront, a Tesla might cost you more, but it only needs maintenance once a year, far less than is typical. Because of the energy savings and maintenance savings, in the long run, a Tesla can end up costing you similar to a mid-range luxury car (Lexus) or even less.

Also consider potential savings from a cleaner environment –– anyone with asthma or allergies will relate. If your eco-friendly features also lead to saving energy or conserving water, we’re looking at a higher quality home with better durability.


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