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Age-Friendly Home Bathroom: Walk-in Bathtub or Walk-in Shower
Learn from home designer Aryo Falakrou why a walk-in tub might be a more comfortable investment at the start, but costs more to use long-term.

Inspiring Design 

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Why the Glass Louvre Pyramid is a Masterpiece, But Notre Dame Should Stay True to Tradition
Just before the French Senate issued a decree that Notre Dame Cathedral be restored to the 19th century version, architect Roderick Anderson explained why the restoration should stay true to tradition.

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Choosing A Niche: ‘It Doesn’t Have To Be Forever’
Choosing a niche can feel like sacrificing other types of projects. For Co Govers of ZEST Architecture (Barcelona, Spain), the niche of sustainable, high-end private real estate fit well, yet wasn’t what she had originally planned to do. The region was in a seven- year real estate crisis, however. After attending an Architects Marketing class, she knew she had to choose.