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At 2e Architects, Big Ideas Come in 3D Packages
The idea that could change architecture practices forever came to Peter Twohy while he was jogging. He can recognize a magical moment and that was one. As a residential architect, Peter is in the business of creating such moments for others: “Most people come to me when they want their dream home,” he says. “But I want them to double down on their dream and not only design their dream home but also have spaces that will positively affect their day, their year, their life – every day, all year and their whole life.”

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Architect Marketing Institute hosts London workshop
Visalia, California; February 28, 2018 – The Architect Marketing Institute (AMI) held a one-day architecture firm marketing workshop in London in January. Architect and AMI co-founder Enoch Sears hosted the event attended by architects from the UK and continental Europe.