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Healing the Heart of Paris: My (First) Visit to Notre Dame Cathedral in May 2019
My first time in Paris was intense and telling. I visited just weeks after the Notre Dame Cathedral lost its roof and spire in a devastating fire. Not long after my visit, the French State issued a decree that Notre Dame be restored to the 19th-century version. It was obvious then, as it is now, that for Parisians, this is not a project — it’s their identity.

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The ‘Landing Page’: Where a Website Catches Clients
Your website home page for your architecture firm includes the "landing page," one or more dedicated pages on your website (that people can "land on") offering something valuable to a visitor in exchange for an opt-in. They give you an email address, you give them a free report or other useful resource. You've caught them on your hook, and now the game is on.