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Age-Friendly Home Bathroom: Walk-in Bathtub or Walk-in Shower
Learn from home designer Aryo Falakrou why a walk-in tub might be a more comfortable investment at the start, but costs more to use long-term.

Inspiring Design 

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Swallowtail Architecture focuses on the beauty of South Carolina waterways
Water supports life wherever it flows and, for architect Rachel Burton, that flow has taken her around the world and to South Carolina. For her, the water also reflects the beauty of the lifeways beside it. Rachel designs coastal homes on Sullivan’s Island, Kiawah Island, Summerville and in the Lowcountry around Charleston. She is ever mindful of the magic that can happen when and where people settle along the marshes that grace the rivers and on the area’s distinctive shores.

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How To Be A Job Magnet
Networking for architects is vitally important. But what if you are an introvert or do not have a system to follow? No problem; in this article, I will give you what you need to attract the clients you want.