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Age-Friendly Home Bathroom: Walk-in Bathtub or Walk-in Shower
Learn from home designer Aryo Falakrou why a walk-in tub might be a more comfortable investment at the start, but costs more to use long-term.

Inspiring Design 

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Giusi Mastro: Italian Architect ‘Born Into Art’
“I have always been aware of my creativity, since I was very young,” says architect Giusi Mastro, “but the day that one of my favorite teachers told me‚ ‘Giusi, tu sei …figlio d’arte’ meaning you are ‘born into art,’ I at last felt validated.” Giusi Mastro was born in Grottaglie, in the region of Puglia, Southern Italy. Her father and grandfather were ceramists; on her mother’s side were builders, and her grandmother was a famous seamstress.

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Friendly Advice from Architect Marketing Institute: Ask Yourself at Least One of these Questions
Sometimes checklists and marketing plans are not what you want. We asked around within Architect Marketing Institute (AMI) for alternatives. As you transition from 2017 to 2018, try searching out the answers to one or more of these questions and then following up: