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Buying Property? Ask This First.
With a Feasibility Study, you’ll find out if the building complies with the codes. Will you need to improve the plumbing, mechanical or the electrical systems? Are the sprinklers and fire alarms ready in case of a fire? Is there ample parking for all the residents? Does the site have any hazardous materials or debri that need to be removed?

Inspiring Design 

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Architect Dan Sherer: Outdoorsman at Heart
Architect Dan Sherer seeks adventure in architecture and life. Venturing off the beaten path, he’s ready to visit a historic site or take a hike on a woodland trail, which makes perfect sense because his specialty is historic renovation and preservation. Historic projects are especially complex, he says, because the architect must go through a discovery process to identify exactly what’s there, decide what should be saved and what actually can be saved.

From the Studio 

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Age-Friendly Home Bathroom: Walk-in Bathtub or Walk-in Shower
Learn from home designer Aryo Falakrou why a walk-in tub might be a more comfortable investment at the start, but costs more to use long-term.

In the Lab

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How To Be A Job Magnet
Networking for architects is vitally important. But what if you are an introvert or do not have a system to follow? No problem; in this article, I will give you what you need to attract the clients you want.