At Architect News, we create community for and around architects and others who appreciate good design.

We educate about and promote good business practices, ones that help architects work smarter, thrive in their chosen niche and better serve their clients.

This site is an information resource that shares news about the architects we at The Architect Marketing Institute work with, though we hope to eventually serve the wider community.

Although headquartered in the United States, we have brought together a community of architects from around the world. They are carefully screened and represent the best of the profession: Excellent architects who provide high-quality service and bring excellent value.

All of us working together strive for continuous improvement, just one of our core values at AMI that we look for in all of our business relationships. We maintain the highest ethical standards and carefully screen the architects we work with for the same as well.

We hope to help people who appreciate good design, from functionality to aesthetics, find the right architect. “Right” means even more than licensed, skilled and able, because architecture is based on relationships.

We share stories that answer important questions:

  • Is this someone with whom you can work?

  • Will the person designing your dream home or your new and hard-earned commercial space understand what you need and want?

You won’t find a monotonous list of credentials on this website. You’ll find accessible people deeply committed to helping the world through architecture. It is our hope that one of them will be just right for your project.

Architect News is a publication of The Architect Marketing Institute, because people connect through stories … including successes (“News”), projects (“From the Studio”) and the journey itself (“Inspiring Design”).

It is our hope that if you are an architect, you will want to become part of this exciting and growing worldwide community of architects and if you are a property owner, that you will find your architect here.