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Return on Design for Luxury Rentals in Costa Rica
How do we meet the needs of the client while protecting the turtles in this national park? We talk about return on design –– financial and psychological.

Inspiring Design 

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Master Builders, Roots Inspire Architect Kurt Krueger
As an architect and builder, Kurt Krueger incorporates design and construction in his projects. He combines his technical and artistic skills to mindfully address construction issues. In doing so, Kurt is honoring ancient tradition from the Egypt and Greek civilizations, which were designed and built by “master builders.”

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Architect Marketing Institute hosts London workshop
Visalia, California; February 28, 2018 – The Architect Marketing Institute (AMI) held a one-day architecture firm marketing workshop in London in January. Architect and AMI co-founder Enoch Sears hosted the event attended by architects from the UK and continental Europe.