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Rising from the Ashes: Notre Dame Burning and Restoration from the Perspective of Designer Colin Healy
Notre Dame Cathedral could be a vessel for change. Considering its impact on society, the proper precautions need to be put in place so that we don't lose this international treasure. Explore options for the restoration through the eyes of a professional designer in this exclusive Q&A.

Inspiring Design 

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Master Builders, Roots Inspire Architect Kurt Krueger
As an architect and builder, Kurt Krueger incorporates design and construction in his projects. He combines his technical and artistic skills to mindfully address construction issues. In doing so, Kurt is honoring ancient tradition from the Egypt and Greek civilizations, which were designed and built by “master builders.”

From the Studio 

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The Woman in the Shadows: Anne Tyng and Louis Kahn’s Relationship Reflected at Yale Art Gallery
Architect Louis Kahn is famous for designing the Yale University Art Gallery, yet we know now his assistant and lover Anne Tyng played a much larger role than previously recognized. When I visited the gallery last week, it struck me just how much of Anne Tyng and Louis Kahn’s relationship is reflected in the design, and in the other artwork on display.

In the Lab

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Choosing A Niche: ‘It Doesn’t Have To Be Forever’
Choosing a niche can feel like sacrificing other types of projects. For Co Govers of ZEST Architecture (Barcelona, Spain), the niche of sustainable, high-end private real estate fit well, yet wasn’t what she had originally planned to do. The region was in a seven- year real estate crisis, however. After attending an Architects Marketing class, she knew she had to choose.