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Healing the Heart of Paris: My (First) Visit to Notre Dame Cathedral in May 2019
My first time in Paris was intense and telling. I visited just weeks after the Notre Dame Cathedral lost its roof and spire in a devastating fire. Not long after my visit, the French State issued a decree that Notre Dame be restored to the 19th-century version. It was obvious then, as it is now, that for Parisians, this is not a project — it’s their identity.

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Philadelphia Architect Melds History, Modern life
Growing up in Pittsburgh’s steel-producing heyday, Jeff Krieger watched for the moments when the blast furnaces awakened. Sparks burst from the smokestacks as the intense heat below powered a process both destructive and creative. “The steel mill was enormous,” Jeff says, “against a landscape of tiny houses cascading over the hills and into the ravines.” The extremes of difference in scale gave a kind of balance to that time and place: the enormity and the smallness, the industrial complexity amidst the scenic beauty. This paradox of intensity and balance rolls out into every facet of Jeff’s life and work.

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The Woman in the Shadows: Anne Tyng and Louis Kahn’s Relationship Reflected at Yale Art Gallery
Architect Louis Kahn is famous for designing the Yale University Art Gallery, yet we know now his assistant and lover Anne Tyng played a much larger role than previously recognized. When I visited the gallery last week, it struck me just how much of Anne Tyng and Louis Kahn’s relationship is reflected in the design, and in the other artwork on display.