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Ask Yourself at Least One of these Questions …
Sometimes checklists and marketing plans are not what you want. We asked around within AMI for alternatives. As you transition from 2017 to 2018, try searching out the answers to one or more of these questions and then following up:

Inspiring Design 

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For Architect Bill Styczynski, Drive is Essential to Top Performance
The course of the sun expresses a sense of motion that is an essential part of Bill’s life, whether in the cycles of his architecture practice, a fastball strike by one of his beloved Cubs pitchers, or of the Formula Vee racecar he drives on weekends.

In the Lab

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Fête Your Dirty 30 & Clients With A Party
Your Dirty 30 is your core group of people. Likely you enjoy spending time with each individual one- on-one. Yet it’s also important for them to mingle. To show your appreciation, consider hosting a party, open house or dinner. As the host, make sure everyone is having a good time and express interest in each person. Remember that this event is a relationship-builder.