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Ask Yourself at Least One of these Questions …
Sometimes checklists and marketing plans are not what you want. We asked around within AMI for alternatives. As you transition from 2017 to 2018, try searching out the answers to one or more of these questions and then following up:

Inspiring Design 

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Architect Dan Sherer: Outdoorsman at Heart
Dan Sherer seeks adventure in architecture and life. Venturing off the beaten path, he’s ready to visit a historic site or take a hike on a woodland trail, which makes perfect sense because his specialty is historic renovation and preservation. Historic projects are especially complex, he says, because the architect must go through a discovery process to identify exactly what’s there, decide what should be saved and what actually can be saved.

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Choosing A Niche:
 ‘It Doesn’t Have To Be Forever’
Choosing a niche can feel like sacrificing other types of projects. For Co Govers of ZEST Architecture (Barcelona, Spain), the niche of sustainable, high-end private real estate fit well, yet wasn’t what she had originally planned to do. The region was in a seven- year real estate crisis, however. After attending an Architects Marketing class, she knew she had to choose.