Mark Eric Benner – Architects & Clients Support Disaster Relief


Summary: Custom designer of North Shore homes, with clients, to support disaster recovery during 2017.

Northbrook, Illinois; January 20, 2017 – Mark Eric Benner – Architects, Ltd. (MEBA) and its clients are partnering with Solid Rock Carpenters to provide homes for those suffer- ing the effects of environmental and economic disasters in Appalachia, West Virginia and Louisiana. During 2017, every new MEBA design project will spur a donation to cover construction materials to build a home for one family in need.

“MEBA has been a partner to Solid Rock Carpenters for years,” said proprietor and architect Mark Benner, “but this is the first time we’ve paired our design clients with families in need. When one client comes to us, two families will end up having their housing requirements met.”

Mark Eric Benner of MEBA

This is only the latest development for a larger program that over the years has organized hundreds of skilled and non-skilled volunteers to construct home components in Illinois. The components are then shipped to areas in need across the country for assembly by volunteers and the host families. Solid Rock Carpenters ( has worked as a Habitat for Humanity affiliate, serving communities in Mississippi, and Louisiana. Additionally, they have partnered with Appalachia Service Project ( to make homes warmer, safer and drier for similar projects in Tennessee and West Virginia.

Mark Eric Benner – Architects, Ltd. is a custom residential architectural practice located in Northbrook, Illinois. The firm specializes in custom designs uniquely crafted to suit the needs of clients, using state-of-the-art technology to clearly communicate each and every design to all of those involved in the creation of that project. More information at or 847-412-0692.

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