Where Does Design Inspiration Come From?

architecture is a team sport

For that last ounce of inspiration

When you are an architect who works on designing custom homes, you are continually looking for inspiration to inform the design.

You have to be inspired to create one of a kind dream homes, so when people ask me where do I get my design inspiration, I answer that it is a bit like a recipe.

You have a dash of the owner’s personality, a pinch of the classics, a heaping of the client’s needs, a shake of site conditions, and finally a sprinkle of wisdom from the larger design team.

The clients’ input is the most crucial part. I work with every client to uncover their hopes, dreams, and needs for their new home.

Most clients go through the Clarity Session and provide the answers and follow up to all my questions, and then rely on my professional experience to bring to them a design that meets all of these needs. There’s a back and forth through the process and refinement of all the details until we’ve nailed it.

Architecture is a team sport

For some clients they become deeply involved in every aspect of the design. For Andrea and Ken’s house, Andrea was that unique client, who herself has a design background — she’s an artist.

When we were designing the living space, for example, and we were working on the cabinetry design for the TV and fireplace I would do the 3D drawings and then Andrea would trace over them and modify the look.

Although this was a discovery process for us both, my contribution was more on the technical side — about distances and overhangs.

She knew exactly what she wanted and needed my expertise to bring it to life. The collaboration worked well because we both focused on what would make her and her husband happy.

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Peter Twohy

Peter Twohy received his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Notre Dame in 1988. In 1991 he moved to Germany, learned enough German to work as one of the lead designers of a German firm, Diniaware Architects in Königstein for more than 2 years. Peter then moved to Baltimore and worked for one of the premiere residential architects in the area. There he learned and honed the craft of designing beautiful client focused homes. He opened 2e Architects in 2005, which won “Best Of Design” and “Best Of Customer Service,” on Houzz®, the leading platform for home remodeling and design for the fifth consecutive year in 2018.