Invisible Design for Whole Life Living in Your House

Invisible Design for Whole Life Living in Your House

It’s possible for you to take an active, socially conscious role in preparing for age-related changes in your life. Imagine your future. Where will you want to live and how might you function there? Of course, you don’t want a hospital-like environment but you will want support. Invisible Design can make whole life living in your house both possible and the logical choice, without sacrificing your sense of style.

Age in Place with Invisible Design

Invisible Design refers to aesthetically pleasing or even unnoticeable features built into your home that will provide the support you need as you age. At its best, you will be able to live where you choose throughout your whole life. For many, that means aging in their longtime home. However, Invisible Design options exist for both renovations and new construction.

We know that living where you choose tends to result in a richer, more fulfilling life. Invisible Design makes that kind of life easier to achieve.

Invisible Design means living more consciously. Today, you are conscious of at least some of the changes that you may experience at different stages of life. Working with an aging in place specialist, you can become more aware – and conscious of the features and tools that will best support your lifestyle during those times. You can already anticipate many of the benefits by taking steps now to prepare.

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Lisa Bixler

Lisa B. Bixler, AIA, CAPS, LEED AP is a Houston-based Certified Aging in Place Specialist. Principal of LKB Architecture, she is also a licensed architect. Her interest in this area developed while researching options for a family member facing mobility challenges and wanting to remain at home. Lisa has worked in commercial, institutional and residential architecture, and her first goal has always been design that helps people feel good. She has been published numerous times on PrimeWomen.

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