Working from Home in Tropical Paradise: Costa Rica

There’s an exodus from major cities as people escape the pandemic. Many of the technology companies are telling their employees to continue to work from home, and in quite a few cases, for long-term periods. And it’s happening with other industries too, like the financial companies, the service sectors, and attorneys. Companies realize that employees can work from home. So now savvy business leaders are asking: Why pay the high cost of real estate and operation expenses for a physical location in a downtown office building when everything can be done virtually?

With all this freedom, the question for everyone is: “Where do I want to work from?” Sure, you can work from a cramped apartment in New York City or London, dealing with the foggy weather or you could relocate to a beautiful Eden where the warm, sandy beach is within walking distance. Which would you choose?  Wouldn’t you choose Tropical Paradise: Costa Rica?

As an international investor or developer, you have a perfect opportunity to tap into an upcoming market by building an apartment complex or single dwelling units in a luxurious location. After all, this is your chance to capture those people who are looking to escape and start working in their new home in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica.

Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has everything anyone could want. With beautiful weather and great views of mountains and oceans, it’s the perfect spot to live. The diversity of the nature provided by two coastlines, mangrove swamps, and dense rainforests will astound visitors as it continuously amazes the locals. Abundant wildlife attracts nature lovers from all over the globe with over 850 species of birds and of course, the wonderful, tree-dwelling monkeys.

Tropical Paradise: Costa Rica

Flights (now resuming) are only a few hours from many U.S. and Canadian cities. Direct flights are also now resuming from Madrid, Frankfurt and soon other European cities. And if you are worried about connecting to the outside world, don’t. There’s internet everywhere and of course, Amazon delivery. Best of all, the cost of living in Costa Rica is significantly less than in the U.S. and Europe.

Tropical Paradise: Costa Rica. Great weather and safety, too.

The Caribbean is also a hot place to live, but constantly being hit by hurricanes and having to rebuild every few years, which isn’t something you’d look forward to. There is a rainy season in Costa Rica, but this adds to the enchantment of the country. And as expert architects, we work with the best engineers, and any home we design or build is sure to withstand the occasional earthquake.

The vibe in Costa Rica is laid back, easy-going and relaxed. There’s a peaceful mentality. The people are simple, nice and courteous. Just what you are looking for in a neighbor. There’s so much unrest in today’s society, that you really want to live in someplace where you feel safe walking along the beach in the evening.

The pandemic has made us rethink the space we live in. It used to be normal to live in a small apartment in the city. Most of the time we were either at work, out with friends having dinner and drinks, or going to the theater, movies, or concerts. Now, while we are restricted in some ways, we have more freedom than ever before. This is an exciting shift. Many are realizing the need to live in a more open space, someplace surrounded by nature. Who wouldn’t want to work from home in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica?

How do you turn your dream into reality?

At SARCO architects, we’ve been working with international clients for over fifteen years; it’s our specialty. Everything we do is web-based and we’ve been doing project presentations and design reviews remotely long before the pandemic began. Our systems are interactive, making use of virtual reality, and allow clients to feel in touch even if they are thousands of miles away.

We also leverage technology in order to make you feel that you are informed all along the way. We make you feel as if you were here, and we communicate effectively and allow the client to be involved from thousands of miles away, allowing you no need to be constantly visiting and inspecting the project, and still make sure everything turns out how you wanted to.

Tropical Paradise: Costa Rica

We’re here to assist you every step of the way and manage the project from start to completion. SARCO Architects are your eyes and ears from concept to completion, holding your hand and making your dream home a reality or allowing you to realize an amazing investment opportunity.

Call 1-646-712-9299 today or click here to schedule one of our Next Steps Calls to find out how we can help you.

We’ll also be glad to connect you with some realtors that can help you find a great property where we can design your dream home. Some of our preferred are LX Costa Rica in the Central Valley, Nativu and Overseas Pacific Realty in the Guanacaste area, and if you fancy the more lush jungle of the Central Pacific, then Blue Zone Realty International is your best choice.

Give us a call to start down your path to your dream home in Tropical Paradise: Costa Rica.

About the author

Roderick Anderson

SARCO Architects is a small-sized boutique architectural firm located in San Jose, Costa Rica. It is a family business owned by Roderick and his wife, both of whom are architects. The firm works exclusively with international clients, providing high-end custom architectural design services for luxury vacation homes and investment properties in Costa Rica, Panama and the Caribbean.