Aparna Patil on Inflation and Vedic Architecture (Ep. 23 Architecture + Innovation Podcast)

Aparna Patil: Pioneer of Vedic Architecture for Modern Lifestyles on Ceraclad's Architecture + Innovation podcast

Aparna Patil, AIA is a highly sought after architect-builder in the Richmond, VA region. She is well known for integrating the ancient principles of Vedic Architecture in her designs without compromising the modern lifestyle of the 21st century. Aparna is the Principal Owner of Mansara Architecture and a licensed architect with experience of 18 years. Raised under the stars and the spell of story, she was born and raised in India. Aparna recalls her childhood as vastly different from what she has come to know as the American experience. She lived down the road from her parents and her two younger brothers, with her grandparents who gifted her with fantastical books, sleepovers on the terrace, and a deep reverence for nature. This woman’s journey from India to the United States is a fascinating tale of Love, LEED, and Light—more on that later.

Become ‘Project Ready’ Despite Rising Construction Prices

Fellow architects, homeowners, business owners, and property investors who are concerned about inflation can learn a lot from Aparna Patil on how to get started on a new design project.

Although current construction prices are on the rise since early 2021, Aparna recommends that her savvy clients do not delay in designing their dream homes, preparing to renovate their houses or planning to build their investment properties. The two steps that can be taken before even breaking ground, saving time for when the market stabilizes, are becoming “Design Ready” and “Project Ready.”

To become Design Ready means to have a design prepared by an architect that correctly shows all the functions inside the home or office along with elevation, sections, and other important details. By having this plan in hand, the client can be very clear about the desired size and aesthetics of their project. The process takes a long time and clients can work with an architect like Aparna sooner rather than later to explore different concepts and ideas to make sure their projects meet all their needs.

To become Project Ready means to convert a design into permit documents for county approval and to invite bids from potential contractors. That way, the client gets a clearer idea of the budget and they can begin to line up their finances.

While we navigate a volatile economy, Aparna Patil can help her clients find certainty. 

Listen to learn more about her Vedic Architecture projects

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Learn more about her backstory here: https://archmarketing.org/aparna-patil-pioneer-of-vedic-architecture-for-modern-lifestyles/.

For more information, feel free to visit: https://mansara.biz/.

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