Friendly Advice from Architect Marketing Institute: Ask Yourself at Least One of these Questions

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… and from all of us at Architect Marketing Institute, a happy, prosperous, FUN new year!

Sometimes checklists and marketing plans are not what you want. We asked around within Architect Marketing Institute (AMI) for alternatives. As you transition from 2017 to 2018, try searching out the answers to one or more of these questions and then following up:

From Hope, who helps firms bring their websites to the next level: Are my website and online marketing materials (Monkey’s Fist, LCC, etc.) optimized using the search terms and language that my ideal clients use?

From String: How do I get more people calling us in 2017, without us spending a lot of time and money?

From Richard: What quick but relevant problem can I offer to solve that will make my ideal clients want to talk with me right now?

From Enoch: Who are the five people in my market that I should meet and form a relationship with?

From Eric: What is one marketing strategy that I’ve learned that I can actually start implementing this week, and get some benefit from within the next month? (Do this once, then rinse and repeat …)

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