Doing Your Best: A Vision for Design is a Vision for Life

a vision for design is a vision for life

A friend, who is not an architect, wanted to see my house in the belief it would be the coolest house ever. I said, we’ve done what we can, but the priority over the past 20 years was making sure our children graduated from college.

A lot of things were important, but if we had to choose one, and sometimes we did, funding their education was it. We told our children, “all you have to do is your best, whatever that is for you.” I shared this anecdote with someone recently and realized that’s also my vision for design at 2e Architects.

First, doing my best for a client means truly understanding their needs to design a house for them that is beautiful, with inspired design elements that create a sense of home and that is unique to them and their needs and has lasting integrity.

To do this, I bring four essential focuses to every project.  The only way a project is successful is if each of these areas is fully realized.  If I miss on any one of these qualities, then the design is simply not complete.

Truly understand my clients’ wants, needs, hopes, and dreams. Those needs that are spoken and those that they cannot quite articulate.

The goals is to find the right flow/circulation to suit their needs.

A prospective client wanted to be able to see from kitchen to family room, but not really see from family room into kitchen.

I said, “Sure, we can do that.”

She replied, “Forgive me if I’m mistrustful, but you’re the fifth architect I’ve talked to who said that and no one else was even close.”

We put in cabinets that she could see through from the kitchen side, then added a bar on the family room side, plus shutters that she could close anytime.

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Peter Twohy

Peter Twohy received his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Notre Dame in 1988. In 1991 he moved to Germany, learned enough German to work as one of the lead designers of a German firm, Diniaware Architects in Königstein for more than 2 years. Peter then moved to Baltimore and worked for one of the premiere residential architects in the area. There he learned and honed the craft of designing beautiful client focused homes. He opened 2e Architects in 2005, which won “Best Of Design” and “Best Of Customer Service,” on Houzz®, the leading platform for home remodeling and design for the fifth consecutive year in 2018.

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