The Ultimate Luxury: A Place for Safety and Refuge

Villa Serena, Península Papagayo, Costa Rica – SARCO Architects – – Image copyright Andres Garcia Lachner –

As I write this in the first week of April 2020, I am staying at home, working remotely with our entire design team, and keeping productive.  The world around us has changed completely. Six weeks ago, we were all still going along with our daily routines and lives. We were all aware and maybe keeping an eye on international news about this virus outbreak in China but were still not directly affected by it.  We still were not fully aware of what was coming our way.

We were all going on with daily life, planning travel vacations, trips to events and conferences, meeting with people daily for business meetings, and on-site visits on our projects.  We were all using public transportation, going to sports games, and even concerts and cultural events. Going to restaurants, bars, shopping centers, etc., were all part of daily life.

In no time, the Coronavirus pandemic hit us in America like a freight train.  It seems so far the USA is the hardest hit. By having the largest population and the most populated urban cities, its easy to understand why.  However, Latin American countries with limited economic resources are also affected extremely hard.

Timely decisions and prevention in Costa Rica

Our public health institutions in Costa Rica acted early and acted strongly. I have to commend them in being able to convince the political part of the government to do the right things.  Timely measures were put in place early on, and have become stronger and stronger in a gradual way.  

Authorities closed the borders early on. Measures are restricting Nicaraguan workers from going back home for a holiday. Schools closed several weeks ago, and gradually public gathering places such as gyms, movie theaters, stadiums, etc., also closed.

Even though a part of our population acted selfishly and did not take notice of needed actions, a much larger part understood the big picture and took action. Either by choice or by force, people are staying home, respecting social distancing, and being careful. The numbers as of today are starting to reflect that we are reaping the benefits.  “Semana Santa” (Holy Week, or Easter Holiday) has come around in probably the best possible time. Our daily increase of new Coronavirus cases has been dropping daily for the past week or so.  Even though we still have new cases each day, we have gone from the mid-30s to high-20s to mid-20s to high-teens.

Some heartwarming news from our clients

In the middle of all this craziness, stress, and anxiety that we are all feeling, I was so glad to learn that several of our dear clients from years back were here at their homes in Costa Rica.  Each project we worked on for years, obsessed over every detail as we designed and built each of our clients’ homes. We wanted each house to be perfect for each owner.

We poured our hearts into each project so they would be the perfect Ultimate Luxury vacation homes for each owner. The clients loved their homes. They were published and won many design awards internationally. We were proud of our meticulous work.

Villa Serena, Península Papagayo, Costa Rica – SARCO Architects – – This image and feature image above copyright Andres Garcia Lachner –

The ultimate luxury becomes the ultimate sanctuary

However, now the accolades and recognition are nothing compared to the feeling of knowing that our Ultimate Luxury Homes have become their Ultimate Sanctuary.  During this time of crisis, they have felt safer and decided to weather this storm in the safety of their homes in Costa Rica. Our clients are from all over the world, from Germany to Austria, New York, Toronto, and the northern USA.  

It may not be difficult to understand why they have felt they prefer to be secluded in the safety of their homes overlooking the ocean instead of highly populated urban areas such as New York, Toronto, or Munich.

Villa Serena, Península Papagayo, Costa Rica – SARCO Architects – – Image copyright Andres Garcia Lachner –

I have come to realize that all of our work and dedication have served a far more meaningful purpose for our clients. For them, owning a home away from home which gives them a sense of peace of mind, safety, and refuge in the middle of the pandemic is priceless.  

For us, being the one that not only created the Ultimate Luxury but also delivered the Ultimate Sanctuary is priceless. We wish them and all of you good health and stay safe!

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Roderick Anderson

SARCO Architects is a small-sized boutique architectural firm located in San Jose, Costa Rica. It is a family business owned by Roderick and his wife, both of whom are architects. The firm works exclusively with international clients, providing high-end custom architectural design services for luxury vacation homes and investment properties in Costa Rica, Panama and the Caribbean.