Be Your Own Life Coach: 3 Ways to create an independent lifestyle while quarantined at home

During these trying times of the Covid-19 outbreak, it feels as though we have traded freedom for quarantine. Yet we can still take back our power. For many, home can be a place of peace. Find solutions to the global problem of feeling trapped. Let's think outside the boxes of our houses. Be your own life coach. Here are 3 ways to create an independent lifestyle while quarantined at home.

During these trying times, it feels as though we have traded freedom for quarantine. Yet we can still take back our power. For many, home can be a place of peace. Let’s find solutions for this global problem of feeling trapped. We can think outside the box within our houses.

Last night, my family received a kit on our doorstep of pork chops, vegetables and other ingredients. My son, Aron, cooked for us. He is 13 years old and only asked for my help here and there. Rather than play on his laptop, he took the initiative to provide a nourishing meal. What could have been a monotonous activity turned into a wonderful family night.

We, too, can get creative and get active. I’m grateful that before the coronavirus, I was in a good mindset, my energy levels were high and I was eating healthy food. As soon as this news came, I knew I had to take extra precautions to maintain that lifestyle. So every morning, I meditate. This raises my vibration and extends positive energy throughout my day.

My son Aron cooking for us.

With the virus at hand, this is exactly when we need our immune systems to be at their best. Nothing helps the immune system more than a healthy mental state. We are not trapped. We are free to be.

Here are 3 ways to create an independent lifestyle while quarantined at home:

1. Think positive. Shift your mindset from the past to the present. Focus on yourself more, on the news — less. Welcome positive energy. Life is full of luck and chance, some for us, some against us. Some factors are out of our control. Yet all the good possibilities are within our grasp. As a global society, we have been gifted the opportunity to stay present with ourselves and one another. Let’s take it day by day.

2. Live your best life. While in seclusion, we are not in a prison surrounded by dark cement walls. We live freely, able to open up our space to fresh air, add color, light and music to our lives. Music can be a game-changer. The right music makes all the difference when accompanying a meditation, a walk, a workout. If the gym was an important part of your routine, be your own trainer. Motivate yourself. Go outside and when you return, create spaces in your home where you can see everything clearly and maneuver easily. This will send the message to your brain: “I can move forward.”

3. Raise your energy level. I usually do a 20-minute meditation, but because I couldn’t go to the gym, I meditated for one hour this morning. I felt a release of negativity and welcomed positive energy. Meditation opens the mind. Continue on with your day, feed the birds, plant flowers, play with your kids, read a book. Be your own life coach. We are battling both the virus and laziness. It takes a strong will to combat the latter. Keep in mind that relaxation and getting active are not necessarily opposites. Actively enjoy Netflix and then begin the next task, even if it’s small. Nourish your soul. Dance. Find joy in the moment and celebrate what you have.

If you have questions on how to create a safe, healthy home environment, I’m here to help. Feel free to call 604-929-6696 to schedule a consultation over the phone. More here.

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