Tusick & Associates’ Historic Millvale Townhouse Renovation Reaches Milestone

Summary: Pittsburgh architecture firm, Tusick & Associates, reaches milestone on Civil War-era townhouse renovation, one sign of the Millvale renovation.

February 8, 2017; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Tusick & Associates have reached a milestone in the renovation of three Civil War-era townhouses in Millvale. The houses, which the firm owns, are framed, insulated and ready for the interior details. This is just one of the many projects moving forward with the revitalization of this and other areas of Pittsburgh.

That the project reached this milestone just days after the Civil War Preservation Trust’s announcement of saving some 2,000 acres of that era’s battlegrounds in 2016 highlights the role of private enterprise and individuals in keeping structures viable in the long-term. Attention to historic structures has proved worthwhile in other locales. “If initial aesthetic levels are higher, preservation can increase value, both for the unit and total real estate,” according to “Preserving History or Hindering Growth?” a report on New York neighborhoods cited by UrbanLand.

Susan Tusick of Tusick & Associates Architects

“Millvale went through a post-Civil War boom as a mill town,” said architect and proprietor Susan Tusick. “The lumber in this structure is in fine shape and we’re updating the houses for the needs of today’s lifestyle.”

Tusick & Associates Architects puts listening to client needs first and is committed to sustainable design. Tusick is a LEED AP and the firm is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. More at tusickarchitects.com. Contact: Susan Tusick, 412-781-8896, info@tusickarchitects.com.

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