Architect Marketing Institute Awards 2e Architects Honorable Mention

Visalia, California; March 29, 2017 – The Architect Marketing Institute presented this year’s Best Architecture Business Transformation Honorable Mention to Peter Twohy and his Baltimore area firm, 2e Architects, at a gathering of AMI’s Million Dollar Mastermind cadre. “Helping Peter and architects like him position themselves for growth in business, income and personal satisfaction is what we’re all about,” said Enoch Sears, AIA, managing director of the Architect Marketing Institute. “When Peter spoke about the clients he has now as a result of implementing our strategies, his face lit up.”

Twohy’s selection came just days after Forbes Magazine cited the new Forrester Report, “Drive Revenue with Great Customer Experience 2017.” As reported in Forbes, the report “reveals the connection between customer experience quality and revenue growth across 13 different industries.” Twohy cited Unlimited 3-D Drawings as one of his offerings that raises the customer experience to the next level. That and a laser-focus on the kinds of clients he is best positioned to help, those with a clear sense of their own style and who are seeking dream homes, have made the difference for 2e.

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